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ATbygu- A Thought before you give up”

ATbygu is a belief to attain our best version with an Idea to explore our inner strength.

We understand that life varies so as the situations we come across, thus we become slave of situations or circumstances and feel like giving up when they are against our wishes.

Needless to say that situations vary however the end result belongs to us on how we respond to it. Irony is “we are with limited options to react on adverse situations due to so called social or moral bounds”.

Idea of  ATbygu is to keep you encouraged with a thought which enables you to take fear of failure away from you till your last breath. “Never let these situations rule your mind”.

You just need “A thought” to transform all negativity into positive energy…

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Life messed up?

All messed up! I understand, If you feel like this; Nothing seems working like living in hell. Yet, don’t worry; Don’t blame, don’t feel disheartened: It’s all…

ATbygu Thought’s

Worry won’t take you any where, Keep moving with positive attitude is the only way to overcome when dark is all around

Keep moving

Freedom is your choice, What you earn by breaking many rules imposed on you: by your own people.